Eli Jungle - Silverfox
Tribal Jazz


Silverfox is seen lifting his flutes as if to call upon the Great Spirit!

Silverfox, Native American (Apache) Flute Player and Tribal Fusion "fuses" together the old ancient sounds of the Native American flutes with riveting modern sounds.

Silverfox is currently touring his Tribal Fusion sounds doing fairs, festivals, museums, casinos, schools and restaurants, performing his heart and soul out. This thrilling musical experience presented by Silverfox is more than a feeling as his sacred sounds fill the very core of what we feel as we drift into his delightful performance.

Taught by his Grandfather in his Abaachii (Apache) homelands, Silverfox learned the Native American courting flute at a very early young age. Coming from a musical family (late Uncle Isidro "El Indio" Lopez, founder of Tejano Music, and Cousin Lisa Lopez, singer and international celebrity), Silverfox quickly became comfortable enough with his talent to write his own music.

Silverfox and Brother Two-Smokes from Corpus Christi Texas on guitar, have an acoustic CD "Abaachii Tears", soothing and tranquil original music written from 2004-2008. When not on tour, Two-Smokes is currently drumming with the Oso Creek Singers and playing guitar at his local church.

"Tribal Fusion" background music is all original, written and generated by Jordan Wagenti, an 18 year old from the Ann Arbor Michigan area. Since November 2009, Silverfox and Jordan have been writing Tribal Fusion music together with 40+ songs and some of the audience favorites (Riding My Indian Motorcycle, Tribal Jazz, Whispers) have been submitted to the 2011 Native American Music Awards. Jordan is currently pursuing a career as an Audio Technician.

Silverfox, celebrated as the featured event, inspires the crowd to feel the Sacred Winds, exciting every listener to become part of the music, an experience of rare and unique mystical sounds, Silverfox leans into the notes like no other can! Using a wide and varied assortment of custom hand crafted flutes Silverfox enjoys teaching the young and old through his dynamic sounds the art of his culture. He remains close to his fans in applause as he finds ways to interact with all who attend, sometimes inviting children and adults to drum and play along with him. This must see performer venturing throughout the Nations fills the hearts and spirits of the young and old inspiring everyone!

Silverfox is currently touring his Tribal Fusion sounds doing fairs, festivals, museums, casinos, schools and restaurants.

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