Say What's Real

See it started out good, but it ended up bad
I don’t regret any moment of the times that we had, Dad
I mean you didn’t even call me on my birthday
So my first thought is I’m just in his past

Damn, I know he got his f*ck*ng beer with him
But I don’t even give a f*ck, don’t put me near with him
I understand I’m not a priority
And you could care less, like USA with minorities

Don’t ask how I’m doing, because I’m struggling
I would explain, but you don’t care, so why bother than
See my life is like a plane, and you missed the flight
And please don’t judge me, how I am, you could’ve made it right
But you didn’t…

They tell me to keep my head up, but I’m fed up
They tell me to stay strong, but I pulled a muscle
So I’m a little bit delayed in this life, that’s a game
Since we only live once, I do everything two times
I spit it from the heart, so it’s never just two rhymes

Yeah. I put up for my f*cking LMT n*gg*s
Yes. I’m Maryland’s MVP n*gg*
I miss my grandma and I love her, but I never told her
And n*gg*s ask me if I’m drunk when I’m always sober
Can you see why, I’m a lunatic
Don’t be mad at me, if your girl’s on Luna’s dick

And anyway I’m always suffering this pain, no doubt
Wondering how my life would be, without
Because this pain is bringing suicidal thoughts
On my bed all day, because it hurts when I walk
Damn. And n*gg*s tell me that they feel for me
But they don’t even know how the f*ck I feel homie

Analyzing my mom, I see she’s stressing out
Tears coming down her eyes, don’t question how
She’s the closes thing, that I’ll ever have, and if I lose her
Well, no one can replace her, they’ll be intruders
I swear I’m a make it to the top
Get the A/C working, because this Hell is really hot

I feel your pain mom, honestly I do
And I’ve grown over the years, with the sh*t that we been through
My education decision, didn’t make you happy
My future is a mess, like a b*tch hair that’s nappy
See I get it, and I know it,
But right now it’s f*ck the world, and I know I show it

My little brother hard headed, because he’s stupid
Why n*gg*s talk a lot sh*t? Even though they never do it
I live life for what it is, not what it could be
Thank God for the living of now, not what it should be

Because lately I been living up in Hell
And I’m stuck up in this room, like I’m living in a cell
Purely you, like the slogan of Dell
Never really liked lies, truth is all I can tell,
Matter of fact, that’s all that I say
And I just upgraded, half a bed’s where I lay

Damn and I ain’t doing so great
But I swear I’ll be better by the end of the day
And when the sun comes out, do we see better days?
I don’t know… But I’m hoping that we do
But stop lying, because I’m tired of the bullsh*t
Sit down. And I need you to. Yeah. I need you to…
Please tell me what’s real

Yeah. When I’m up in the booth
I never lie; I’m always speaking the truth
And one thing I need from you is to, is to
Please tell me what’s real



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