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Between 2001 and 2007, Eclectica released 7 CDs with over 80 published original songs. All songs are written, performed, engineered and produced by Eclectica. This musical project is the brain hurricane of Jeff Clarke (not the guy from EOE records) who has enlisted the help of his talented troupe of fellow compatriots in an ongoing effort to keep a fun, creative and productive spirit of collaboration alive over a lifetime of friendship. The primary catalysts in this endeavor -- Rich Nelson and Russ Epker -- are Detroit music veterans who have formed -- and/or performed in -- numerous local and national acts, including the Newz, Bitter Sweet Alley, The Skeleton Crew (featured on Star Search in the early '90's), The Purple Gang (with drummer Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers), Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise, General Clusterfunk (with Joey Bowen, front man for 80's Detroit rockers Adrenalin and D.C. Drive, and son of Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad), The Rock Kidz  (a popular New Jersey cover band from the '70's and 80's) -- and more recently Wishgrove and 851 lbs. of Jam (see "Top Friends" links below). Clarke, Nelson and Epker grew up jamming and writing music together in Birmingham, Michigan and also worked for the rock and roll publication, CREEM Magazine, during the 1970's, before its demise in print media following the tragic 1981 suicide of founder and owner Barry Kramer. These versatile artists go over the top to embrace and deliver, with exceptional ability, originality and grace, a wide range of musical tastes and genres.


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