Clash at the Carnival
Suicide for Lovebirds
Clash at the Carnival


You can't tell me I'm not your lover!!

Clash At The Carnival is an intense West coast indie rock band that sound like a mix of Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, Alice In Chains, and Metric with some keytar synth thrown in to provide a little extra spice. Their modus operandi is to evoke a genre defining sound, and Zack Clash shines as the band's unhinged ring master, while they proceed to relentlessly boot stomp their sonic flag right off the stage and plant it firmly into your head. The band's debut EP, Vents Of Rejection, juxtaposes Clash's melodramatic yarlings and road-seasoned power chords with the back-to-basics melodies and intelligent instrumentation of band mates Anna King, Jezza Matik, and Grey Beck. CATC crafts post-grunge and electro fused grooves full of heart-pounding rock and roll at its finest. This comes as no surprise since three of the band members were performing together in Vancouver as "Drohan" for the 2010 Olympic Games and they were selected as top 20 finalists in the 99.3FM CFOX 2010 S
Competition. A radio competition that has launched the careers of fellow artists like Nickleback, Daniel Wesley, Bif Naked, Matthew Good, and Art of Dying. With standout tracks like "Suicide For Love Birds", "Slither", and "Devil's Son" already taking the West coast by storm, Clash At The Carnival is a must have for any music lover's library, and they can anticipate loads of future success for this band.



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