Andre Rodriguez
Andre Rodriquez
Here's to You
featuring Breanne Duren of Owl City

Andre Rodriguez

Here’s a pity cry for everyone
Who thought that they could be someone
But found this life is harder than it seems
Here’s a monumental collapse
From a lifetime of success
As your dignity walks out with all your dreams

Here’s to you broken heart, here’s to you broken world
Here’s a prayer, just a prayer
May you find a little peace tonight

Smear the makeup all across your face
In hopes that you can make a scene
Maybe get a handout or a cigarette
Lose the tie and call it quits
Sag your shoulders to your hips
Fall to lies that say there’s nothing worth believing

Just a little lift, just a little break
Just another chance after the second chances fade
Just a little time, just a newfound faith
To make it through another day


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